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Siti and Nur?. Our selfie is different. Why?

DISCLAIMER : I may have exaggerated this drawing a bit, for comic effect 😉 ____________________________ Others at 17 vs Me at 25 🌸🌸🌸 I found some comic relief in the fact that it looks like the younger gen already have their lives sorted and here I am still forcing myself to match socks in the morning. 😂 • Sometimes I go through my feed and see these young people having all this drive, all these skills and living out their aspirations and many of them have not even reached 20 yet! On social media, they may look like they have their lives together and planned to the T! Dont get me wrong, this is great and inspiring, although, It may make others feel like they are not doing well enough in life or meeting the high standards of society or social media. • So let me tell you, whether you believe you're like the girl on the left, right or even inbetween, it's OK! Aslong as you're happy within, it surpasses whatever people think they see on the surface! Everything will happen in YOUR time, and at the perfect time, in a way suited to YOU. Believe in the plan 💗 ____________________________

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Our reaction towards above comic…yes totally agreed. however, we would like to think from different perspective.

Among the BBNU , selfie has become trend and lifestyle already. Everyone and each of us need to ( have to? ) selfie and then post on the social media. Finish and Walla! that’s mean we already become one of the netizen and modern society. Make sure we have either FB, Instagram or Twitter then only our life is complete else you are considered not exist.

However, our selfie is mostly not the same. Hijabista will take photos in extreme make over, make up and bling bling baju kurung with purpose. They do it, to promote and market their business, err online business. While the rest do it for the sake of hobby or self indulgence.

Very contrary between the two. Siti Jamiah, do it on purpose so that her business will keep on booming on the social media although she is only a teenager. Now, look at Nur Tumiah, actually does the same with all bling bling dress, extreme gomak make up but if we stalk more on her profile then we know, her situation is at different page.

Our point here is that, again both Siti Jamiah and Nur Tumiah love to selfie but both have different motive. While one continue making money, and the other side..hmm not really…

Nothing wrong with that but yeah.

What do you think?

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