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ili Translator. Travelling and let it be your translator.

Credit: internationally ME

Good video over there. Our reaction towards this footage is , wow… that’s pretty cool!.

I’ve been travelling to many countries like Singapore, India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. It will be easy if we have someone who can talk in the same language with the people around.

We need to know where exactly to visit place that we target, to find nearest toilet, halal restaurant and to know which is the easiest transport. The best way is to ask the local and get their help to guide.

However most of the local don’t speak in English. They are nice and try very hard to help us but due to the language barrier, this will not be easy.

Now, here come iLi. The intelligence translator. At the moment it can support English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. Please order it here if you plan to get one. Seems like it can translate from English to Japanese very well huh.

I need to test it by myself to know how accurate. You don’t want to be chased by parang if this tool translate it wrongly.

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